Production Services

Multi-tasking Functionality

Our pioneering use of robotic feed for our wire EDM and CNC machining allows us to produce any quantity up to 50,000 or more with excellent part-to-part consistency. Our use of automated production is unique and cutting edge - and helps our customers save money while they receive consistent product quality for their most critical components.



Material: We are willing to work with any Material

Quantities: 1 to Unlimited

Finishing: Powder Coating, Plating, Heat Treat, Electroless Plating, Aerospace Finishing, etc

Tolerances: +/- .001”, We handle the Strictest of Tolerances


State-of-the-Art Technology, Skilled Workers, Flexibility, Long-Standing Customer Relationships.

Micro Facture is a leading full-service contract manufacturer of precision machined parts. Helping clients succeed by providing exceptional service developed thru years of experience, creativity, and determination.

Our reputation is built on quality and complexity of parts we produce. We have the best team of highly skilled CNC machining experts working in a culture of innovation. Our engineering team can help you with manufacturing challenges including efficiency and cost reduction. We thrive on producing parts from start to finish; managing the processes, outside services, and assembly.

Specialized Services

Project Management

Whatever your project entails, you want to ensure that it is managed from product design to prototype and through production. Not to mention you’ll want the delivery to be on time and the quality to be guaranteed. Managing a project like this takes coordination of many complex components such as; engineering, procurement, production, assembly and inspection right through to delivery. Our diverse and skilled team of engineers and machinists provide specialized knowledge, expertise and advice to ensure the success and quality of your project from start to finish.


Electro-Mechanical Assembly

We are passionate about providing our customers with unsurpassed assembly services; ensuring precision, quality and efficiency in every aspect of the development process. Our specailized enginnering design team offers you highly consistent assembly services at every stage of the process; from prototyping to full production, enabling you to:

- Ensure consistency and precision by partnering with our cutting-edge assembly, processes and team members for every stage of your manufacturing process

- Have access to our experts who routinely seek out and dream new and innovative ways to improve efficiency, quality and delivery

- Possess cofidence that every stage of your project is handled with precision, care and quality


Equipment List


  • Fanuc LR Mate 200iC Robots (3)

  • Automated 5 Axis 3 Machine Cell with System 3R (2)

Manual Machines

  • Bridgeport Milling Machine (2)

  • Hardinge HLV-H Lathe (1)

  • Hardinge DV-59/DSM-59 Lathe (1)

  • Southwestern Trak TRM CNC Mill (2)

  • Southwestern Trak TRL 1745P Lathe (1)

CNC Milling Centers

Typical tolerance +/- .0005” (.0002” attainable)

  • VMC’s-Haas Mini Mills (6)

  • VMC’s-Haas VF2SSYT (3)

  • VMC’s-Haas VF2SS 5 Axis (1)

  • VMC’s-Haas VF3SS 5 Axis (1)

  • VMC’s-Hardings/Bridgeport 1000xp3 5 Axis (2)

  • VMC’s-Fanuc Robodrill T21iFa 5 Axis (5)

  • VMC’s-Fanuc Robodrill T21iFa Job Shop Cells (2)

  • VMC’s-Fanuc Robodrill T21iFa Job Shop Cell 5 Axis (1)

Finishing Equipment

  • Black & Decker Bench Grinder

  • Delta Belt Sander

  • Leeson Belt Sander

  • Balder Grinder/Buffer

  • Blast It All LBT-3 Rotary Blaster

WIRE EDM (Electro Discharge Machining)

Typical tolerance +/- .0002”

  • Sodick AQ327L

  • Sodick K1C Small Hole Drilling EDM

CNC Milling Centers

Typical tolerance +/- .0005” (.0002” attainable)

  • Lathe-Mazak QT8 (1)

  • Lathe-Haas SL-10 (1)

  • Mill/Turn-Mazak Integrex 100SY (1)

  • Mill/Turn-Mazak Integrex 200SY (1)

  • Turn/Mill-Nakamura-Tome WY-250 (1)

CNC Milling Automation

  • Gantry Robot (1)

  • Bar Loader (2)

Grinding Equipment

Typical tolerance +/- .0002” (.0001” attainable)

  • Harig 6”x12” Surface Grinder

  • Okamoto 12”x14” Surface Grinder

  • Okamoto 6”x12” Surface Grinder

  • Okamoto 6”x18” Surface Grinder

  • Sunken Honing Machine

  • Dedtru Centerless Grinder

  • Moore Jig Grinder with Digitals

Accessory Equipment

  • Almco Vibrator System

  • Rockwell Pedestal Grinder

  • Powermatic Band Saw

  • DoAll Band Saw

  • Heat Treat Furnace

  • Rockwell Hardness Tester

  • Blackstone Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • Hud-Mech HSV 250 CNC Autofeed Band Saw

Secondary Equipment

  • Burgmaster Radial Drill Press

  • Milman Tapping Presses

  • Rockwell Drill Presses

  • Fisher Solder Dispensing Robot

Precision Inspection
To ensure accuracy and cleanliness, our inspection equipment is located in a separate environmentally controlled area.

  • Brown & Sharpe Microval CMM

  • Brown & Sharpe Global 575 DCC-CMM

  • Brown & Sharpe Micro XCEL 765 DCC-CMM

  • RAM Optical Comparitor GX System

  • Jones & Lamson Comparitor

  • Misc Gauges, Micrometers, etc.

  • Certified Calibration System

  • Various Customer and Industry Certifications


Our Team

The ownership and management team have extensive industry experience and are proficient in every aspect of development, manufacturing and assembly of mechanical, electro-mechanical devices, and medical devices. Ownership is intimately involved in the day-to-day activities and processes of the company.


Sandy Abel


Her background includes over 30 years in the manufacturing industry. Currently overseeing the accounting, marketing, and administrative aspects of multiple manufacturing companies. Home educated her three children. Sits on the advisory board of Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology and is a member of the Board of Directors of Dayspring Christian Academy.

Baron Abel


Over 46 years in the manufacturing industry. Sales, marketing, and management expertise in quality, design and engineering, operations, from management positions. Founder, inventor, and co- owner of Kodabow, a crossbow company. Inventor, and start-up COO of a manufacturer of non-glare lighting. Owner and President of multiple manufacturing companies. Owner of 4 patents in manufacturing lead frame and trigger technology. Volunteer firefighter active for 35 years, starting as a junior firefighter and retiring as Fire Chief.

Roy Miller


39 years in manufacturing, engineering, and quality, with a focus of supervision and management in all three disciplines. Working with customers toward the creation and implementation of design improvements for cost savings and ease of manufacturability. Emphasis on creating and implementing improved and new manufacturing methods. Created and installed production assembly lines. Trained and lead teams in several organizations applying ISO9001 Quality Management Programs resulting in certification. Management of manufacturing organizations, coordinating the interaction and communication between departments resulting in successful teamwork and profitability. Management of customer and supplier relations. Roy volunteers as State Officer of the PA Masonic youth foundation. He enjoys spending time with his grandchildren.

Ken Urban


Customer Service Manager and Production Scheduler. He has helped to stream line the processes and procedures of production. 20 years in management in the restaurant, customer service, and supply chain industries. Aviation Second Class Petty Officer with the US Navy. Oversaw and directed the maintenance of HH-60 Seahawk helicopters, which were the only special ops squadron in the Navy. Was forward deployed with SEAL Team 5 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Director of Operations for a start-up company where he established sales distribution networks worldwide, customer and product management. He is a CrossFit coach, father of four, and enjoys projects at home.

Jill Kegerise


Her background includes over 35 years in the accounting field - manufacturing, construction, and service industries - for corporations with $3M - $25M annual sales. Jill has experience working with employees of all levels to ensure accurate financial reporting. Jill has developed strong relationships with outside firms in the accounting, banking, insurance and benefit fields. While not at work, Jill enjoys family time, football, reading, and volunteering at her church.

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